What a great newsletter! Thank you so much for this.

Many people make the mistake of listening to that voice inside their heads.

Remember: You are NOT your thoughts! Don't take everything in there so seriously.

In addition to that, you need to accept the fact that you won't be able to do everything. Life is limited. Be happy about the fact hat you GET to make the choice. Listen to your true north and ACTIVELY neglect all the other things that sound somewhat intersting but are not enough to fullfill you.

(learned that from Oliver Burkemans book - 4000 weeks)

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Feb 6, 2023Liked by YouTopian Journey

I really feel this newsletter was written for me, I've been trying to fulfill a desire that would be affect my career positively in the long run.

I've been conflicted daily on how I'm letting my dreams slip away by now doing those things now. After reading this newsletter, I'm giving myself a target to get it done in the next four months, yes it will affect other areas of my life because it is harrrd but, I'll do it. I'll just go ahead and do it.

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